My Solo Business: Meet Victoria Meyers

My Solo Business: Meet Victoria Meyers

Victoria is a courageous single mom and entrepreneur who turned adversity into inspiration. She crafts bespoke jewelry pieces and harnesses her ADHD to generate ideas on the fly, enabling her to stay agile in an ever-evolving market.

Job Title: Jewelry Designer and Small Business Owner
Age: 34
Country: USA
Years in business: 4
Business name: Victoria Ann Meyers
Instagram: @shop.victoriaannmeyers

What is your business about?

I create handmade healing crystal jewelry and high-vibe accessories, making everyday magic effortless!

How was your life before starting your business?

Before diving into entrepreneurship, my life was a medley of creative pursuits, sporadic schooling, attempts at being a stay-at-home mom, and occasional stints in part-time jobs that didn't quite fulfill me or provide a clear direction.

What made you decide to take the leap and start your own business?

Leaving behind an abusive marriage of 8.5 years, I found myself primarily caring for two young children, and occasionally teaching art classes for homeschooled kids. I didn't have the option of returning to traditional employment due to childcare costs, so I had to chart my own course to make ends meet. Initially, I started teaching high-end, in-home sewing lessons. However, a transformative encounter in a crystal store, coupled with the fruitless pursuit of a specific necklace I ended up crafting for myself, led me to realize the potential of starting my own jewelry business. This path promised the flexibility to work from home while caring for my children, both of whom I later discovered have ADHD, with the youngest also being autistic.

How is your life today as an entrepreneur?

In all honesty, it's quite chaotic. Balancing numerous responsibilities without much external support presents its challenges. I often find myself grappling with "shiny object syndrome," resulting in multiple income streams but lacking significant progress in any one direction.

How has your ADHD positively influenced your business?

My ADHD enables me to swiftly generate new product ideas and expand upon existing collections. I thrive on adapting to shifts in the market landscape and seamlessly incorporating customer feedback into product development and marketing strategies.

What advice would you give other ADHD women aspiring to start a business?

Give yourself some kind of structure, even if it sounds silly. I have always had a dedicated “post office day” and a dedicated “new product day” every week to keep me from losing momentum on the things that really matter.

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