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Sim Sandhu

Traditional Acupuncturist and Business Owner




Age: 43 

Country: United Kingdom 

Years in business: 23 


Website address  


Business email  


What is your business about  


Traditional Acupuncture. Traditional Chinese acupuncture- everyone.. requires to think on the spot - a huge flow map in my mind of over 2500 points. 

Please describe your life before starting  


School - too chatty and distracted. 


What made you decide to take the leap and start your own business?  


My mums health 


How would you describe your life now, as a solopreneur?  




How has your ADHD played a positive role in your business life?  


Being able to multi think on the spot 

What's your top tip for other ADHD women aspiring to be solopreneurs  


Go for it! All ideas are good ideas- to be followed through though. 






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