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Sheila Athens

Women's Fiction Author

Age: 62 

Country: United States 

Years in business: 10 


Website address  


Business email  


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What is your business about?  


I write smart women’s fiction set where the South meets the Sunshine State. My stories are about women finding the peace we all deserve.  


Please describe your life before starting  


I worked for 30+ years in the corporate world. I started writing fiction in my forties, started preparing myself to leave corporate America in my fifties, and retired in my late fifties.  


What made you decide to take the leap and start your own business?  


Throughout my fifties, I’d been preparing to leave corporate America by starting a side job as a book coach and by continuing to hone my craft. The right time came when my company was purchased by another one and I was able to get a nice severance package. All my preparation paid off!  


How would you describe your life now, as a solopreneur?  


Busy! Challenging! Fun! Rewarding! 


How has your ADHD played a positive role in your business life?  


It gives me the energy and enthusiasm to continue writing books and managing a business, as opposed to sinking into what we would normally think of as “retired.”,  

What's your top tip for other ADHD women aspiring to be solopreneurs?  


Lean into the discomfort. Lean into the overwhelm, rather than escaping into something mindless like scrolling social media.  




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