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Mojdeh Kashani

Business Consultant & Content Creator at Creator_Moji  


Age: 34 

Country: Australia 

Years in business: 1 


Business email  

Social media links  

Instagram: @creator_moji




What is your business about?  


I'm a digital content creator helping businesses with their online presence 

Please describe your life before starting  


I changed my major a few times, changed careers multiple times. I'd quit a job after a few months, and always struggled to stay in one career.,  

What made you decide to take the leap and start your own business?  


I felt this is one thing I like doing and enjoy learning about, and it doesn't bore me. I also could take control of my working hours.,  

How would you describe your life now, as a solopreneur?  


I still don't know if this business takes off. But I'm super hopeful. I hope I can stay long enough in this career to see my desired results. 

How has your ADHD played a positive role in your business life?  


Maybe the creativeness side of it helped because this job requires a lot of creativity and new ideas. 

What's your top tip for other ADHD women aspiring to be solopreneurs  


I definitely recommend seeking treatment, and then find the job that suits them. Don't try to fit in, because if we don't like something and we force ourselves to do it, we suffer a lot. 






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