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Mashal Yousuf

Business Owner and ADHD Coach at LilleBlossoms


Age: 30 

Country: Denmark 

Years in business: 1 


Website address  


Business email  


Social media links  

Instagram: @lilleblossoms



What is your business about?


LilleBlossoms was created by Mashal Yousuf, a woman who was diagnosed with ADHD as a teenager and wasn’t supported in the way she wished she was. Therefore, I created LilleBlossoms, a small business aimed to breaking norms, advocating for neurodivergent children, supporting ND families, providing educational tools, and coaching. I hope to make help children reach their highest potential. 


Please describe your life before starting  


Before LilleBlossoms, I was a just an expat living in Denmark because of my husband, and I wasn’t finding any jobs. Every time I applied for jobs, I wasn’t given a fair chance, which was life changing for me. Being born and raised in America, and working in the UAE, I was not used to being rejected by so many jobs. I gave birth to my daughter and decided that I’d take my expertise in my own hands. Why do I have to beg employers to believe I’m an excellent candidate, when I know what I’m capable of? Therefore, I began LilleBlossoms- to prove to myself and my daughter that whatever you push for in life, wholeheartedly, you can achieve. 

What made you decide to take the leap and start your own business?  


I took the leap of faith after being a mother and watching the skills I used with my daughter impact her in so many beneficial ways. I gained my courage and confidence back that I lost after getting rejected by so many jobs. I believed I was capable and here I am, trying to shine that through this new endeavor. 

How would you describe your life now, as a solopreneur?  


Due to me being a wife and a stay at home mom, my life as a solopreneur is definitely busy. I’m constantly hustling during her 1.5 hour nap time and at night. I wouldn’t change it for anything though. It brings more purpose into my life.,  


How has your ADHD played a positive role in your business life?  


My ADHD plays a positive role because I’m able to share my journey with people. I believe people are more comfortable being vulnerable with me once they see that I also have struggled with ADHD, and I still do. 

What's your top tip for other ADHD women aspiring to be solopreneurs  


Believe in yourself. Don’t let anyone tell you that you’re any less capable than they are. I was always judged upon my intelligence and ability to focus in class. I always believed that I wasn’t smart enough because that’s what I was told. And you know what? I took those comments and turned them into my motivation that has driven me to where I am today. So, don’t let anyone’s comments get to you. If anything, let those comments help you rise because YOU know what you’re capable of. You’ve got this!,  






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