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Lexa VanDamme

Personal Finance Content Creator 


Age: 27 

Country: United States 

Years in business: 3 


Website address  


Business email  

Social media links  


What is your business about?


As a queer, neurodivergent woman I struggled to find money management systems that worked for me. So after paying off $20k of credit card debt, I started The Avocado Toast Budget in 2020 to provide shame-free, accessible, and relatable personal finance education via social media. Now with a community of over 500,000+ followers, The ATB helps Millennials and Gen Z feel more confident with money (without the shame or guilt). 


Please describe your life before starting  


In March of 2020 I had just turned 24 and graduated with a master’s degree in a field I felt lost in. I was also stuck in an abusive relationship and drowning in credit card debt, with no idea how to navigate myself out of either. Over the course of the next year I started posting to TikTok under The Avocado Toast Budget to share my financial journey. Shortly after, I finally received my ADHD diagnosis, which was the first step to accessing medication and resources that changed my life. 


What made you decide to take the leap and start your own business?  


During lockdown, I hyperfixated on learning everything there is to know about personal finance. And I quickly realized: a lot of the mainstream money management advice doesn’t work for people who are neurodivergent, queer, or of other marginalized identities. I spent my life feeling lazy and stupid for not being able to just save money and not overspend. But when I realized it was much more nuanced than that, I wanted to share my journey and what I was learning with other people who may be able to relate. I was kind of surprised but so excited to see the response from other women, queer people, and neurodivergent people that they felt so much less alone and confused after finding the community we were building online. 

How would you describe your life now, as a solopreneur?  


Now I live in Missouri with my 3 cats. I have two wonderful, kind, and supportive partners. And I work full time as a content creator! I’m still learning new ways to manage my money and life in ways that work for me and my ADHD. But I find myself thinking every day that life is so much bigger and more beautiful and freer than I ever would have imagined it could be just 4 years ago! 

 How has your ADHD played a positive role in your business life?  


I truly think ADHD is the reason I started The ATB in the first place. Without my initial hyperfixation on personal finance that made me want to carve out a space online to talk to people all day about what I was learning, I likely would have never posted that first TikTok back in September of 2020. I love that my ADHD allows me to look at money management from a completely different and unique perspective to find creative solutions that work for a wide variety of different people. 


What's your top tip for other ADHD women aspiring to be solopreneurs?  


Work with your ADHD, not against it. When I first started working on my own full time, I watched a bunch of productivity videos and tried to make my schedule and work flow look exactly like the ones I was seeing online. Spoiler alert: that didn’t work. I stopped holding myself to this standard of what organized and efficient was supposed to look like. And instead I started following my motivation from day to day. If I wake up in a mood to talk, I can sit down in front of a camera and get all my filming done for the week in one day. Leaning into how my brain works, rather than trying to push back against it or shove it into some premade mold, has made my work as a solopreneur so much more enjoyable! 



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