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Whether you're looking to run a  full-time business or a side hustle, it's tough sticking it out alone...

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Do you have difficulty keeping focused and interest in a project, and move on to a new project as soon as you get bored?

Do you get overwhelmed by all your plans and ideas, which paralyzes you from taking any action at all?

Do you feel that your life is chaotic and out of control?

Do you feel challenged by everyday tasks such as cooking, paying bills, making appointments on time, or responding to a text message?

Have you lost track of what you want in life, and constantly looking for the next shiny object?

Do you often misplace your belongings, and have difficulties keeping your things and home organised?

Do you often feel restless and fear that you are missing out on something, constantly seeking out new adventures?

Do you make many impulsive decisions, but then regret them right after?

Do you often postpone tedious or difficult tasks, then become stressed about how much less time you have to complete the tasks?

Do you have difficulty sleeping at night, and get a sudden burst of energy as soon as your head hits the pillow?

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