My Solo Business: Meet Cristina Lumague

My Solo Business: Meet Cristina Lumague

Meet Cristina, a vibrant entrepreneur with a fervent dedication to amplifying the voices of underrepresented communities. Harnessing the hyperfocus often associated with ADHD, Cristina has transformed her passion for podcasting into a thriving business.

Job Title: Podcast host/producer/editor
Age: 31
Country: USA
Years in business: 2
Business name: Lumague Media
Threads: @cristi_smalls
X: @i_am_Cristi

What is your business about?

I specialize in podcasting services, offering everything from audio and video editing to script writing and research. My mission is to amplify the voices and stories of the BIPOC community, women, and neurodiverse individuals through the medium of podcasts.

How was your life before starting your business?

Before diving into entrepreneurship, I navigated through various roles, from fast food to serving as an army medic, and later, in the medical field. Despite attempting college multiple times, I struggled to complete my education, unaware of my ADHD. With two kids, life became even more hectic, but amidst the chaos, I discovered podcasting as a hobby. After two years, it became my sole passion, leading me to pursue a podcasting business.

What made you decide to take the leap and start your own business?

I was very tired of my regular job and loved the freedom that came with my own business in podcasting. Not to mention, truly loving the work!

How is your life today as an entrepreneur?

It's incredibly fulfilling! Working from home allows me the flexibility to balance my personal and professional life seamlessly, and I'm genuinely passionate about what I do.

How has your ADHD positively influenced your business?

My ADHD, which once manifested as a hyperfixation on podcasting, has now become the cornerstone of my profession.

What advice would you give other ADHD women aspiring to start a business?

Focus on the aspects you enjoy, and delegate or outsource tasks that you find challenging (like keeping track of finances, in my case). This way, you can channel your energy into what truly ignites your passion and drive.

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