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Create the Life You Love

5 life-transforming stages for a more organized, authentic, and fulfilling life. Get instant access to our toolkit, filled with guides, templates, and worksheets designed to help you achieve your goals this year.

An ADHD evidence-based toolkit with 5 life-transforming stages for a more organized, authentic, and fulfilling life. Download worksheets and templates instantly.

To take control of your ADHD and achieve your goals this year, you need to do these 5 things:

➀   Learn to work with your unique brain

➁   Get clear about what you want

➂   Limit noise and distractions in your life

➃   Make a plan for what to do first

⑤   Create new habits and routines

In a process model, it looks like this:

Understand your strengths, embrace neurodiversity and recognize your unique abilities.

Asset 4_4x.png

Clear your path for success by tying up loose ends and limiting obstacles.

Turn your aspirations into clear goals and direct attention towards key priorities.

Optimize actions for success by cultivating habits and routines that drive productivity.

Identify and articulate your dreams and aspirations, without letting self-censorship stand as a barrier.

The toolkit contains worksheets  & templates for each of the 5 stages in the process:


Embrace Your ADHD

Believe in your innate abilities to achieve your goals, not despite your ADHD, but because of it. To create the life you love, you need to embrace your ADHD, discover and utilize your unique skills, and recognize the positives in your life.

Worksheets inside this toolkit:

1.1    My ADHD Reframes

1.2   What Makes Me Great

1.3   The Good in My Life

1.4   My Accomplishments

1.5   My Key Strengths

Ipad Awareness.png


Know What You Want 

We may think we know what we want, but sometimes the reason we're not getting things done is because we've lost sight or interest in what's important to us. To create the life you love you need to get clear about what sets your soul on fire.

Worksheets inside this toolkit:

2.1    My Life Balance Wheel

2.2   My Pain

2.3   My Happiness

2.4   My Core Values

2.5   My 2.0 Version

2.6   My Eulogy 

2.7   My Wants & Needs

2.8   My Passion Projects




Although you may know what you want, you need a roadmap so you don't get lost and confused. To create the life you love, it's essential to narrow down your focus, prioritize what's most important to you, and align your daily actions with these priorities.

Worksheets inside this toolkit:

3.1   From Vision to Action

3.2  One-Year Plan

3.3  Quarterly Plan

3.4  Monthly Plan

3.5  Weekly Plan

3.6  Daily Plan

3.7  Action Steps

3.8  Instant Task

Ipad Roadmap.png


Clear Path

You've determined your destination and have set a clear plan of action. However, before you embark on the journey to create the life you love, ensure that you tie up any loose ends. Clear your road to success by minimizing distractions and addressing foreseeable obstacles.

Worksheets inside this toolkit:

4.1   Liabilities: Overview

4.2  Physical Clutter

4.3  Toxic People

4.4  Loose Ends

4.5  Self-Sabotage

4.6  Noise & Distractions

4.7  Lack of Resources

4.8  Health Issues

Ipad Clear Path.png



Finally, you're ready to take significant action in your life. In this final stage of creating the life you love, you'll learn strategies to streamline your day-to-day, focusing on developing new habits and routines, rather than solely focusing on the end goal. Remember, it's your daily actions that sculpt the path to achieving your dreams.

Worksheets inside this toolkit:

5.1   From Goals to Habits

5.2  My New Habit Systems

5.3  My Current 24 hours

5.4  My Ideal 24 hours

5.5  My Morning Ritual

5.5  My Midday Break

5.6  My Evening Ritual

Get the 5-stage toolkit now!

Start planning your best life ever!

Three amazing things about this toolkit:


Curated for ADHD minds


We respect your time and strive to create content that is informative, up-to-date and inspirational, but without filler or fluff.


As the saying goes, less is more. Our visual content is simple and minimalistic to avoid messages getting lost in chaos and noise.


To avoid overwhelming you, we use simple, natural language, and break concepts into smaller chunks to make it is easy to digest.


All worksheets are delivered in both A4 and Letter sizes, so you can print them out and work directly on the sheets.


If you're the creative type you can adapt our worksheets to your style and format in your own journal.


All sheets are in PDF or Google Sheet formats, allowing direct input as an eco-friendly option.


Instant, flexible, and easy to use


Life transforming


The toolkit provides a structured roadmap of 5 stages, breaking down overwhelming and complex goals into manageable steps.


Beyond theories and abstract concepts, this toolkit equips you with practical exercises to implement and apply to your daily life.


Once purchased, your toolkit is yours for life. Save the files onto your device and reuse for any personal or professional goals.

Download the toolkit

Get to work and start planning your best year ever!


Start your new life now for just $97

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