23 Signs of ADHD in Women

ADHD symptoms may not always be obvious in women, which is why many women go undiagnosed and don't get the help they need. Here are 23 common signs to look for.

23 Signs of ADHD in Women
23 Signs of ADHD in Women

Recognizing ADHD symptoms in women can be challenging, often resulting in underdiagnosis and a lack of necessary support. Identifying these signs is crucial for self-awareness and accessing appropriate assistance. Here, we present 23 statements that shed light on common indicators of ADHD in women. If you resonate with several of these statements, it may be beneficial to seek guidance from a healthcare professional for further evaluation. Taking this step not only fosters personal growth but also opens doors to the support needed to thrive.

01 - Desk Chaos

My desk is constantly covered with paper piles and other stuff. Even though I keep tidying and organizing, it will only take a day or two before the chaos returns.

02 - Impulsive Spending

I find it difficult to control my finances. I shop impulsively, spending more than I earn on unnecessary items, and my bills are often overdue.

03 - Home Disorder

I strive hard to keep my home in order, but I can’t seem to keep up with dishes and laundry; I am constantly surrounded by mess.

04 - Meal Planning Struggles

Planning meals and grocery shopping feel overwhelming to me. I always forget something when I shop, and following recipes is a struggle.

05 - Restless Pursuits

I feel restless all the time, as if I'm always missing out on something. This is why I can quickly change my life direction and why I have so many unfinished projects.

06 - Adventurous Spirit

I am an adventurous woman who seeks brain-stimulating activities. I'm not afraid to take risks and love exploring new things, places, and ideas.

07 - Overwhelmed by Distractions

I often find myself overwhelmed and exhausted, continually drawn to the allure of newer, shinier distractions.

08 - Short Attention Span

My attention span is short. My mind tends to wander during conversations unless the topic is very interesting to me.

09 - Unused Self-Development Investments

I spend a lot of time, money, and research on courses and self-development products and services, but once I buy them, I never use them.

10 - Misplacing Belongings

I often misplace my belongings, especially my keys, wallet, sunglasses, and cell phone.

11 - Planning vs. Execution

I spend a lot of time planning down to the tiniest detail, and I love creating to-do lists. But I rarely follow through on them, which leaves me frustrated and disappointed in myself.

12 - Procrastination Habits

I often procrastinate on boring tasks or big projects until the last minute, creating an emergency-type situation that pushes me to get the job done.

13 - Impatience with Reading

I have no patience for reading books, magazines, or long texts. Sometimes I skip to the end or read summaries to grasp the main ideas.

14 - Frustration with Queues

I find it frustrating to deal with crowds or wait in queues - just like a child! Long lines make me very impatient, so I often leave my errand incomplete.

15 - Difficulty Relaxing

I find it difficult to relax in front of the TV and always feel the need to do something else at the same time to feel efficient and productive.

16 - Emotional Sensitivity

I am overly sensitive; it doesn't take much to get under my skin. I can fly off the handle in a fit of anger or frustration one moment but be completely over it the next.

17 - Emotional Outbursts

I tend to bottle up my emotions and suppress them for a long time, but eventually, I reach a breaking point and say hurtful things without considering the consequences.

18 - Time Management Issues

I often arrive late to meetings or appointments, or I forget about them completely.

19 - Nighttime Racing Thoughts

I can’t shut off my mind at night. I’m definitely a “night owl” who gets a burst of energy when the sun goes down. As soon as my head hits the pillow, my mind starts racing with worries.

20 - Decision-Making Challenges

I find it difficult to stick to my decisions. The moment I make one, I immediately regret it, thinking of how to get out of it as fast as possible.

21 - Work Environment Disruption

I can't concentrate at work due to noise, interruptions, and people around me. So, I usually take my work home and do it late at night when it's quiet.

22 - Home Arrangement Dilemmas

I am always rearranging my home and can never seem to settle on a furniture arrangement that satisfies me.

23 - Job Commitment Struggles

I struggle to commit to a job, often switching roles due to boredom with routines and people.

Do these statements resonate with you?

It's important to acknowledge that while these signs are significant, they alone don't confirm an ADHD diagnosis. The range of symptoms can overlap with various conditions. However, if you consistently identify with several signs, it's advisable to seek professional evaluation. Only a qualified mental health professional can provide an accurate diagnosis and guide you towards the resources and assistance best suited to your needs.