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Do you have the traits of an ADHDpreneur

Many women with ADHD struggle with conventional workplace environments and often feel like failures, when in reality, they are better suited to work for themselves. Do these sentiments resonate with you?


You need to work with purpose and something you personally believe in.


You are multipassionate and a multipotentialite.


You need the freedom to get up and leave whenever, and work when you're most productive, rather than a rigid 9-5 schedule.


You need to be your own boss, wear many hats, and call all the shots.


You can't be bothered with workplace politics and drama.


You need to see instant results of your efforts.


You are a creative soul, and have unconventional ideas and solutions.

If yes, then kick off your heels, 
you're one of us!

At ADHDSUPERWOMAN, we recognize that ADHD is not a limitation but a unique trait that, when harnessed, can propel you to excel in business. Join us on your entrepreneurial journey, where we empower women of all backgrounds and age groups to embrace their strengths and build thriving ventures on their own terms!

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What's in the works on this site?

Thank you for stopping by and for your patience and enthusiasm! We're crafting a one-stop platform tailored for women with ADHD, offering online courses and workbooks to empower you in taking control of your life and succeeding in business.

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Check out these amazing ADHD Superwomen
who a redefining success on their own terms!

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