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For unstoppable women with ADHD who are made for business


At ADHDSUPERWOMAN, we recognize that ADHD is not a limitation but a unique trait that, when harnessed, can propel you to excel as a solo business owner! Join us on your entrepreneurial journey, where we empower women to embrace their strengths and create thriving businesses on their own terms!

Did you know that many ADHD'ers can't settle on a job and believe they are failures, when, in fact, they are solopreneurs by heart? Can you relate to any of these indicators?

You need to work with purpose, and you have many different passions.

You need the freedom to get up and leave whenever, and work when you're most productive, rather than a rigid 9-5 schedule.

You need to be your own boss and call all the shots.

You can't handle workplace politics and drama.

You are a creative soul​, and like to wear many hats.

You like to see instant results of your efforts, and have full control over your work.

You don't want to be responsible for anyone else but yourself.

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